Insanity Day 12 – Cardio Power and Resistance

So far, I just keep feeling better both during and after each workout. Also back to eating right. Not much more to say, but looking forward to retaking the fit test in a couple of days.   If you're interested in trying Insanity click here … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 11 – Cardio Recovery

Did Cardio Recovery today, which is a nice hybrid between a day off and a full workout. I also got back on track nutritionally, ate 5 times during the day, almost all good, and kept to the calorie target. After the weight gain from my mini-vacation, … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 10 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit in the evening. While i have more energy and prefer to workout in the morning, I'm glad my schedule pushed me to do my Sunday and Monday workouts this week in the evening. I was struck by how good I felt just a few … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 9 – Pure Cardio

Very active day. Spent the bulk of it at a lake/mountain resort. Took a long hike, rode in a paddle boat, and even more at the resort, then had to attend a wake and dinner at a restaurant That made eating right very difficult. I ate mostly the wrong … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 7 – Cardio Power and Resistance

As already reported, yesterday I did Plyometric Cardio, but I want to report on my eating for the day since it was my b'day. I held to my diet except for desert after dinner: cookies and ice cream that made me feel a bit bloated but I stayed under my … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 6 – Plyometric Cardio

Today I did Pylo Cardio Circuit, definitely the toughest of the set and I have trouble with the pushup/plank related combination towards the end; I just don't have the upper arm strength to do all that yet. Instead I do modifications, like working … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 5 – Pure Cardio

Wow. Today I did Day 5, Pure Cardio and tomorrow I finish Week 1 with my first repeat, Pylometric Cardio. Pure Cardio was tough but fun, mostly because I couldn't help but laugh at the folks on screen (most of the with less than half my body … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 4 – Cardio Recovery

This workout is a lot different than the other workouts. It has a bunch of stretching, but alos some strength aspects. it's easier than the other in that it is not as fast, and does not leave you short of breath for the entire workout, but it is … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 3 – Cardio Power and Resistance

I can't believe this workout was even tougher than yesterday's but I'm pushing through.  I've decided to spend some money on a Heart Rate Monitor. I did a bit of research yesterday ad today, and decided to get the Polar FT 4 model. I definitely … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 2 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

My first real workout, and I'm cautiously optimistic about how I'm going to do on the whole program. I'm not sure what Plyometric means, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being sore and exhausted. That said, I got through this pretty … [Continue reading]