Insanity Day 24 – Plyometric Cardio

ANother round of Plyo done. Additional notes for yesterday Day 23: I already reported my Insanity workout, but more of note happened later in the day. We had family visiting the city, staying in Manhattan. This led to 2 things, one good and one … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 23 – Cardio Power and Resistance

Cardio Power and Resistance -- Done. In fact, Cardio Power and Resistance is done for the last time, for this round at least. It's my favorite workout of Month 1, so I'll miss it, but today I wasn't feeling it. Still, I got through, In addition, … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 22 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Yesterday was Rest Day. Today was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs: 843 calories according to the HRM. Also, for fun, I kept track of water intake and loss. Stop reading if you're grossed out thinking about sweat.  Read on if you're curious about how … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 20 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

 Week 3 done. Rest day tomorrow. I'm going to be travelling soon and wondering about doing Insanity in a hotel room. I figure I'll have the room but some of the moves are hard to keep quiet for those on the floor below. Especially Level 1 … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 19 – Cardio Power and Resistance

Today I did Cardio Power and Resistance. I think it's my favorite of the Month 1 programs, and I'm disappointed I'll only do it one more time (unless I repeat Insanity which is likely, but I'm not committing, yet).  Meanwhile, I still have 3 Plyos to … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 18 – Cardio Recovery

One of the benefits of having started on a Saturday is that the end of each week always seems to surprise me. It's only Tuesday and I only have 2 workouts left before I'm done with Week 3. In addition, in both Weeks 2 and 3 I managed to approach … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 17 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

The extra time spent exercising on these two workouts combined I can handle. The extra time before I can move on to the rest of my day is the hard part. I'm going to have to work to fit Month 2 into my schedule better. If you're interested in … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 16 – Plyometric Cardio

Did it in the morning before Mass, and mostly kept on my nutrition plan during the day. As previously noted, it's easier to stick to the plan on work days. If you're interested in trying Insanity click here for the regular package or here for the … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 15 – Fit Test (Second Time)

Accountability Day 14, Friday Aug 3, yesterday: Rest day. I rested. Yay me! But I also kept on my nutrition plan so that was good. Today - measurement and fit test results. Weight 246/244.8 -1.2 lbs Waist 46/43.5 -2.5 in Hips 47/45 -2 … [Continue reading]

Insanity Day 13 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Rough day. First time doing both Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs, and unfortunately it was one of my worst energy days from the moment I started. 10 seconds into Pure Cardio my legs felt like my sneakers were lined with lead, and it never got any … [Continue reading]