My Gear

My Gear

My name is Mark, and in July 2012 I decided that I had enough of being overweight and out of shape. Less than a week before my 50th birthday, I started the Insanity Workout Program. In the 2 months it took me to do the program, I lost 6 inches off my waist, roughly 15 pounds, and became much more fit. Since then, I have done the Insanity follow-up Asylum 1 and P90x. I am currently doing the Les Mills Combat program. Links to all of these are available on the sidebar to the right. I also drink Shakeology every day. Among other things, it replaces my daily vitamin. I’ve been keeping a personal fitness journal and after a few months, decided to take it public. At the moment I am catching up, but eventually this site will reflect my daily workout on an ongoing basis.

Apart from my fitness routine, I am a father of two daughters, husband, attorney, and amateur photographer.

Engaged to my Core

Before starting Insanity, I had never heard of any body part called the Core. It is actually a very commonly know fitness concept, and is used in every program I have used. Basically, the Core runs from your mid-thighs to your loer chest, and also covers the same area on your back. Sometimes people will use the term “Core” to refer specifically to your abdominal muscles. When they do this, they will often phrase “engage your core.”  What does that mean, it’s not sucking in your belly, but does mean getting those muscles into a strong, stable supportive position. One of the easiest ways to think about it is to put your hand on your abdomen, and either laugh or cough. Feel what this does to your muscles, both with your hand and directly through your abdomen. Notice how your muscles firm up to provide stability just before the laugh or cough hits in full? That’s what happens when you engage your core. Think about this while working out, and then during the rest of your day, and eventually it becomes second nature.

In any even, I feel as if I’ve been urged to “engage my core” so many times now that I must be engaged to it, hence the name of this site. Plus, the team of coaches to which I belong is known as Team Engage.


Disclosure:  I am a Beachbody Coach.  I became a coach because I love the programs and the Shakeology product. I figured since I’m blogging my own experience anyway, and if helps someone decide to try to make the same change for the better, then I might as well earn a commission. The Beachbody links in this post and in the rest of the site will take you to the Beachbody store, where I will get credit for the sale at no extra cost to you. In fact, by buying from me instead of direct from Beachbody without a coach’s portal, you usually get a bonus DVD.  If you purchase a Beachbody program, chances are someone is getting a commission.  If you valued this post or the other information and articles I created, I would very much appreciate you buying the program through me! Also, any Amazon links you see also generate commissions, again at no cost to you. Thanks for any purchases you make.