Insanity Day 34 – Core Cardio and Balance

Two utterly inconsequential peeves I just need to unload: 1. In Core Cardio and Balance, during the Football Shuffle with claps, the team messes up the rhythm when Shaun T drops back to talk to the guy in the back left of the formation. They skip a beat for some reason and it messes me up every time. 2. I'm looking at the Calendar and it calls next week Week 5. What's up with that, Shaun T? This is Week 5. Just because it has a name, Rest and Recovery, doesn't mean it doesn't count. You can't fit 60 days into 8 weeks (plus, Insanity actually lasts 63 days not 60, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms). It's just math.
Mini-Rant over. Core Cardio and Balance, and Recovery week is done. Tomorrow is rest day and Month 2 starts Saturday. If I feel strong tonight I expect I will do  the Fit Test tonight so I don't have to do it and the first Max workout on Saturday, while keeping tomorrow a rest day.
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