Insanity Day 15 – Fit Test (Second Time)

Accountability Day 14, Friday Aug 3, yesterday: Rest day. I rested. Yay me! But I also kept on my nutrition plan so that was good. Today - measurement and fit test results. Weight 246/244.8 -1.2 lbs Waist 46/43.5 -2.5 in Hips 47/45 -2 in Chest 42.5/41.5 -1 in R. Arm 14.5/15.0 +0.5 L. Arm 14.0/14.5 +0.5 R. Thigh 25.5/25.5 0 L. Thigh 25.0/26 +1 (might be a measuring inconsistency)   Weight is within the range of noisy data, but the inches are going down and up in all the right places. Fit test:
Jul 21, 2012 Aug 4, 2012
Switch Kicks 51 54
Power Jacks 40 48
Power Knees 61 65
Power Jumps 24 30
Globe Jumps 5 7
Suicide Jumps 6 6
Push-Up Jacks 12 15
Low Plank Obliques 24 34
Overall I am very pleased with these results. The 2.5" lost on the waist was a very positive shock. I feel my pants are a bit looser, but I did not expect 2.5 inches. An hour or so after my Fit Test I felt that I needed more, so I added a Cardio Abs workout today. I was much better at doing the last few exercises, although anything requiring upper arm strength is still my weakness in the whole Insanity system. It's getting better, but slowly. Makes sense because I'm at the age where if you don't work at building up muscle (and I have not been doing so until now),  you will lose muscle.

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